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About Us

At the Heart of the Community

The new Steyning Store and Post Office has been a community project from its inception.

With the in-situ postmasters retiring, and no offers to keep the post office running, Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcolm wanted to step in and save it to avoid the detrimental impact its closure would have had on the High Street, the other Steyning businesses and of course the residents. They approached us (Vanessa & Jed) to take over the business, if they purchased the property.

This original partnership idea has now come to fruition and here we all are, offering Hardware, Homeware, Travel & Tourism, Gifts, Services and of course the Post Office to our customers!

We are also working with the other High Street businesses to support and promote what they do – it’s about all of us working together to maintain our vibrant, exciting High Street!

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

We are really excited to join with the growing Greening Steyning initiative and we will be working closely with them to support and promote their laudable aims.

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact as far as possible – and are choosing the plastic-free alternatives for products and packaging where we can, and we will continue to drive towards reducing to zero. We have a new Eco Zone where re-fillable, or re-usable and sustainable products are available. Come and have a look at what we’ve got to offer! Small changes from us all add up to significant savings for our planet.

Supporting Local Business

We are continually looking for products sourced in the UK from small independent businesses – not only do we like the idea of supporting our homegrown business owners and minimising the global impact of transporting products, but we want to bring you products that are different and interesting.

At the heart of what we do in the Steyning Store and Post Office is to provide services and products that the community needs, and we remain flexible and open to change in what we offer. We will continue to evolve with your support and feedback.


Let us know what YOU want from us!

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