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Planting Trees

The Post Office has always been at the heart of the community, and although its role has changed over the years, it is very much part of Steyning High Street, and we want to continue that tradition.

We have a very active Chamber of Commerce in the town, and all of the businesses in Steyning are part of our community. Not only do we continue to provide the last remaining banking service in the town, but we also have regular ‘guest business’ slots to support and promote what they offer to residents and visitors to Steyning. 

We operate with an environmental awareness as far as we can and will continue to strive to reduce dependence on plastics and single use items – you will see lots of great ideas for replacing day to day items, some of which you’ve not even thought about! Follow us on Facebook, where we will be posting about different products. We are also working with Greening Steyning, and are always looking to do some exciting joint projects.

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